iLamp is a revenue generating smart street light for home owners, small businesses, developments, villages, towns and cities all over the world.

Off Grid Installation
Self Powered
Energy Saving Lighting
Control Hub


iLamp is available in red, white or blue


Choose a model

Choose between Lighting only, Monitoring and Drone Ready

Lighting Only


Smart, Self Powered, Automatic Street Lighting



Base model + 360 camera, audio, weather station, wi-fi hotspot, air quality monitor

Drone Ready


Monitoring + Drone Charging Landing Pad


Select options$100.00

Out of stock

Select options$100.00

1000 in stock

Select options$100.00

Out of stock

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Delivery Expected:
Summer 2024
Pre-order Price:
$100 per iLamp
Limited Quantity Available:
879,000 units

The only streetlamp that makes money - iLamp generates revenue


Your iLamps could generate $2,000 per year, save $1,100 and estimated maintenance $0 per iLamp per year

Download the full list of planned iLamp features. Over the air software updates.

iLamp will receive over the air software updates and has modular components allowing for easy upgrades, prolonging the lifespan and revenue potential of each iLamp.